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skin+care Yoni Essential Oil Set Of 3, Vaginal Wash Eliminates Odor Ph Balance for Women, Feminine Wash Organic Handmade Vagina

  • 【Your New Self-Love Ritual】Our all-natural yoni oil for women is perfect for those who want to revitalize their private lady gardens holistically with every drop of this elixir. Start your hygiene ritual by washing away stress with our handmade yoni soap, then relax your sensitive tissues with the florally fragrant oil.
  • ♥【Ph Balanced For Women】Our yoni soap a healthy vaginal pH is acidic, somewhere between 3.8 to 4.5. Our feminine soap bar have a healthy pH of 4.5 to 5 so you can feel confident, comfortable and healthy. To help you feel refreshed and smell fabulous, our yoni oil will help promote balanced ph along with leaving behind a subtle refreshing scent.
  • ♥【Fresh & Confident】Our Femme yoni oil can reclaim your body and wake up feeling refreshed and confident. Daily use can help reduce the effects of sagging and to keep your lady part feeling just as good as it smells. Feminine yoni soap and yoni oil assit with vaginal smoothes. Purifies and soften. The soap for vagaina to emove odor. anti inflammation, nourishing vagina to balance the feminine PH.
  • ♥【Pure Enjoyment】The natural scent acts as an odor eliminator for overall feminine hygiene, adding natural essential oils and soap to enhance the pure effect, bring the ultimate care and enjoyment to your private skin.
  • ♥【Easy To Use】You can drip on panties or pads and apply essential oils on the skin of your vulva after bathing until completely absorbed without the need of washing off. The yoni soap can be used with a foaming net to create a richer foam.

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