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skin care Skin Healing & Repair Ointment for Infection Ulcers Cuts Scrapes Burns Bites

  • 💕【Widely used】LMNOOP wound healing ointment, suitable for various common wounds. It is suitable for scratches, abrasions, bruises, punctures, stab wounds, scratches, burns, scalds, bites, as well as postoperative wounds and tattoos. It is very suitable for family use and outdoor emergency backup. Home, kitchen, outdoor, hospital, clinic, school, sports, pet shop, work, labor, garden, maintenance, and any occasions that may cause skin injury, cannot do without LMNOOP Wound Healing Cream.
  • 💕【Applicable people】LMNOOP wound healing ointment uses natural herbal ingredients, so it is suitable for babies, children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and pregnant women. LMNOOP Wound Healing Ointment uses moist therapy, so after it is applied to the joints, it does not affect the movement and activities of the limbs at all.
  • 💕【Functional Efficacy】LMNOOP wound healing ointment has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, so timely use can shorten the wound healing time and reduce the risk of skin damage and infection. It is clinically proven that LMNOOP Wound Healing Cream can increase the healing speed of small wounds by 3 times and reduce scars to a great extent. For large wounds, LMNOOP Wound Healing Cream is far superior to other similar products.
  • 💕【Natural Ingredients】LMNOOP Wound Healing Cream is made of selected raw materials, mainly containing linoleic acid, sesame oil, flax oil, Cear Flava, propolis, beeswax, and honey. The medicinal properties are mild and delicate, easy to be absorbed by the skin, without worrying about the risk of antibiotic resistance and hormone dependence.

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