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December 28, 2019 2 min read

The holidays are mostly over. 2019 is wrapping up and we’re about to head into 2020. Hello, new decade! As we wrap up the past year and we’ve all eaten a few too many Christmas cookies, it’s a good time to review the year that’s behind us. It’s a time to revamp routines, review our last year’s New Year resolutions (did you reach your goals or are they following you into the new decade?) and take a look at the trends that defined 2019. Did you take part in any of them? Are there any you want to try in the beginning of 2020?


Ayurveda and CBD Everywhere!


Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years but this ancient practice of health care has seen a boom in popularity in the last year. CBD has also seen a tremendous explosion, appearing in everything from bath bombs to moisturizers. There’s been an absolutely massive amount of growth in the concept that the way you take care of yourself has a direct impact on your skin health which is great news!


Eco Friendly and Zero Waste Packaging


With people like Greta Thunberg bringing environmental issues to the forefront of everyone’s mind, many companies are opting for low waste packaging by switching from single use plastic packaging to glass containers that are reusable and recyclable. Great for the environment and they make your skin care feel much more lux on top of it, so we’ll chalk this trend up as a win!


Plant Based and All Natural Products


More and more people are turning to a plant based lifestyle, whether that’s for health, animal welfare or environmentalism. There’s been huge growth in companies likeGoop and The Detox Market and even Walmart launched its own line of all natural products this year called Earth to Skin if you’re trying to be more budget conscious and don’t want to wait for shipping.


Mushrooms in Skin Care


Mushrooms. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em and this year the world loved them! Cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga and reishi all became major parts of the health food movement this year but on top of that, they worked their way into skin care as well! They’ve been showcased for their brightening and hydrating effects and I’m sure as we head into 2020 we’ll see a continuation on the rise of the mushroom!


Eyelash Serums


As the industry embraces a more natural look over the YouTuber Instaglam styles that have been popular over the last few years, many people are ditching time consuming and difficult to apply falsies and opting in for a lash serum to grow and nourish the eyelashes they already have. There’s been an explosion of them over the last year and we suspect that there will be more on the way as the world embraces a glowing, “cool girl” aesthetic.

Kayla Raguth
Kayla Raguth

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