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May 27, 2018 2 min read

Out of all of the 26 letters within the Alphabet, there is perhaps one letter that can truly encapsulate natural skin care and can motivate us all to look after ourselves a little more, and keep ourselves at the highest of our priorities.

You may be wondering what that letter is? I am talking about the LetterB

Beauty. Brilliant. Blossom. Better. Blissful. Beautiful. Brave. Bold. Blessed.

Never has a letter created so many words to inspire, motivate and educate women to take care of themselves and to love themselves. Out of those words above, which one would you say describes you right now? If you could only pick one; which one appeals to you the most?

For me; I cannot pick just one. Personally, my approach to life is all about being Bold and Beautiful. I want to be seen. I want to radiate beauty. I want to stand proud and to show off to the World how beautiful I am. And I want you to have that same attitude. I want you to share with me the inner confidence that being Bold and Beautiful can bring out in you. We all have it within us and I know that within you lies a Brilliant, Bold and Beautiful woman wanting to break free and to be Brave.

Beauty lies deep within. And this is one statement I will always stick by and swear to. However following a natural skin care regime and applying natural skin treatments helps me to bring out the Bold and Beautiful person within me.

Body oils is one thing that I can no longer go without, and since we launched our Jode-Ian Oil Blends both for dry and sensitive skin, we've noticed a massive growth in sales, our customers love it and we hardly keep it in stock. One of our customer said and I quote " Thank you so much for this oil. I have very dry skin and had tried everything my doctor recommended until I started using your oil blend. I've even ran out of my oil for two days and as you can see my skin is still soft and moisturized." This is one of the stories that thrills us because we want every woman to feel better and confidence in their own skin.

No matter what skin care regime you decide to go for, or you want to try out be sure to put yourself first. Make yourself the Queen of your own World. Put yourself on that throne and dont hide away or shy yourself away. Now is your time to stand proud and shine.You truly are a Bold, Beautiful, Blessed, and Brilliant Woman. I want you to stand proud and understand that. Take the time now to look in a mirror and gaze deep into your own eyes and Brace yourself of the Beauty you are.


Chinonyelum Ezeh
Chinonyelum Ezeh

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