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May 05, 2018 2 min read

Keeping up with a good and strong natural skin care regime is to ensure overall beauty and to keep looking radiant, bold and beautiful. At the end of the day, you deserve to stand proud and show off what your mother gave you!

There are thousands of techniques, tips and tricks out there to keep on top of your regime but the base line is that, to keep on top of your skin care it is important to use a mixture of different products and to also ensure what you are using on your skin actually compliments your skin type and works well 

Natural oils are great for your skin. One essential oil you may have heard of before is Frankincense - this is a fantastic oil for all skin types with antibacterial and anti - inflammatory benefits for your skin and is especially useful for skin types that are prone to acne and other similar ailments.

At the end of the day; there's always a great difference using the perfect oils on your skin and even on your hair.  Skincare oils are the real deal these days, It's taking the beauty world by storm right now and can make both stronger and healthier - ultimately helping you to look even more beautiful than you do right now.

At Jode-Ian we have different oil blends suitable  any skin types. Our Revitalizing Facial Oil is one of our best selling oil blends since it launched April 10th 2018, it won the hearts of our customers.

Do you suffer from dry skin? Our oil blend for dry skin is made with 100% pure natural oil from sweet almonds, rice bran, jojoba,Hempseed, Grapeseed, Avocado, Evening Primrose, Lavender & Chamomile oil. This blend will banish that patch of dry flaky skin for good!

Or perhaps you suffer from acne or psoriasis. One of our customers Brittany who had suffered from Bacne and eczema tried our oil, according to her, her skin is very soft and all the crusty, flaky skin peeled off. Watch her testimonial by clicking the link or copy & paste:

This blend is made with100% pure natural oil from Blackcurrant, Tamanur, Baobab, Hempseed, Frankincense and Evening Primrose. Every ingredient in this blend has been added to deliver an extra - ordinary healing benefit to the skin, it can be used for sunburn, eczema, rashes, insect bits and even stretch marks!

There are plenty of options available for you and your own skin type. These oils truly are one of the most natural ways you can bring out the natural and beautiful glow to your skin. Now is the time to add these fascinating oils to your skin care regime and to take advantage of what they can do for your skin.

Your skin is the number one thing on display to those around you. Now is the time to stand proud and to show off how beautiful you truly are!

Chinonyelum Ezeh
Chinonyelum Ezeh

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